The Angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them—Psa. 34: 7.


How it enlarges the confidence of a Christian to realize that while earthly powers may be in opposition, and while he may be really of himself powerless to resist adversaries, and while in addition to the flesh and blood adversaries he may realize that he battles also with spiritual wickedness in exalted places—against Satan and his minions of darkness—yet, that, on the other hand, "greater is he that is on our part than all that be against us," and that all the heavenly hosts are subject to the Divine will and may be employed for the advancement of the Divine cause according to Divine wisdom!.


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Our Lord Jesus is the special Messenger of the Lord and is here meant by the Angel of the Lord. Those that fear the Lord are His saints, whose fear of Jehovah is one of reverence. They are the especial targets of Satan, who seeks through their flesh and the world to entice them into sin, error, selfishness and worldliness. They would be helpless against his wiles, if the Lord Jesus would not Himself form a camp, an armed defense, about them, repelling the Adversary's attacks by His Power, Word and providences, whereby He delivers them. To experience such deliverance, it is necessary for them to avail themselves of His protection, and to co-operate with Him against Satan's onslaughts. Thus they share with Jesus in victory after victory in this holy war for God.


Parallel passages: Gen. 19: 16; 32: 1, 2; 1Kings 19: 5; 2Kings 6: 17; Psa. 34: 7; 68: 17; 63: 9; 103: 20, 21; Dan. 3: 28; 6: 22; Matt. 4: 11; 18: 10; Luke 1: 19; 2: 9-14; 22:  43; Acts 12: 7; 27: 23; Heb. 1: 14.


Questions: What deliverances did I experience this week? What conditions did I fulfill to experience them? How did I feel about it?




Matt. 6: 8.


OUR Father knows what things we need

Each step along the way,

His eye of love doth never sleep,—

He watches night and day.


He knows sometimes, like ripening grain,

We need the sunshine bright,

Again He sends the peace that comes

With shadows of the night.


Sometimes our pride would fain unfurl

Ambition's flaunting sail,—

Ah! then He knows we need to walk

Humiliation's vale.


Sometimes He takes our eager hands

And folds them on our breast,

He gently lays our work aside,—

He knows we need to rest.


Sometimes we need companionship,

Sometimes, "the wilderness,"—

How sweet to feel He'll know and give

The state that most will bless!


Then let us leave it all with Him.

Assured that, come what may,

Our father knows just what we need.

Upon our pilgrim-way.


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