Let us watch and be sober—1 Thes. 5: 6.


Let us watch in the sense of taking careful notice of all the directions which the Lord our God has given us, respecting what would be acceptable service to Him. Let us watch ourselves, striving to walk as nearly as possible in the footsteps of the great High Priest. Let us be sober in the sense that we will not be frivolous; that while happy, joyous in the Lord, free from the anxious cares that are upon many others through misapprehension of our Father's character and Plan, we may, nevertheless, be sober in the sense of earnest appreciation of present opportunities and privileges in connection with the Lord's service—not thoughtlessly negligent, letting opportunities and privileges slip  through  our hands  to  be afterwards regretted.


*          *          *


The word watch implies sentinelship. It suggests that we be armed, remain awake, survey our dispositions, thoughts, motives, words, acts, surroundings and influences operating on and from us, challenge all things that would enter or leave the camp of our minds and hearts, be incredulous to their claims of friendliness, require proof of such claims, capture those unable to furnish such proof, permit egress or ingress on such proof, survey the whole sphere of our duties and privileges, and remain on guard until relieved. To be sober implies balance of disposition and judgment, not over or under estimating the participants of our warfare, recognizing our infirmities, needs, purposes and attainments, those of our enemies, the powers, purposes and helps of our Leader, the hardships, duration and purpose of our warfare and the certainty of defeat to the unfaithful and of victory to the faithful, and from such consideration exercise great and continual carefulness.


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Questions: Have I this week heeded this text? How? Why? What did it effect?




THOUGH the night be dark and dreary,

Though the way be long and weary,

Morn shall bring thee light and cheer;

Child, look up, the morn is near.


Though thine eyes be sad with weeping,

Through the night thy vigils keeping,

God shall wipe thy tears away,

Turn thy darkness into day.


Though thy spirit faint with fasting

Through the hours so slowly wasting,

Morn shall bring a glorious feast.

Thou shalt sit an honored guest.


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