Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance—Eph. 6: 18.


We are to have the spirit of prayer in all that we say and do; that is to say, our hearts should be going out continually to the Lord for guidance in all life's affairs, that we may do with our might what our hands find to do, in a manner that will be acceptable to Him, and that we may be shielded by Him from temptation that would otherwise be beyond our endurance, and that we may be ultimately delivered from the Evil One and have a place in our Lord's Kingdom. Brethren, let us more and more remember and put into practice these words of our Lord, "Watch and pray, lest ye enter into temptation".


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Prayer is the uttered or unuttered heart's sincere desire going out to God for good things. It is as essential to our development as the desires of the natural man for human blessings are necessary for his human growth. As without these desires the natural man would soon die, so without true prayer the new heart, mind and will would die. Our prayers are not to be merely formal, they are to be heartfelt; for the things requested should be earnestly desired. Such prayers offered up in harmony with the Lord's Word are sure of an answer. Without watching for the answer, we often fail to note the Lord's response to our petitions. And sometimes, despite our watching for His answers, we  fail to note them, because He delays granting our requests. Therefore perseverance in such watching is necessary, and will in due time be rewarded by receiving the long-sought answer.


Parallel passages: Luke 11: 5-13; 21: 36; Psa. 5: 1-3; 116: 1, 2; Dan. 6: 10; Acts 6: 4; 10: 2, 9; Rom. 12: 12; Phil. 4: 6, 7; Col. 4: 2; 1Thes. 5: 17; Matt. 26: 39-44; Eph. 1: 16; 1Tim. 5: 5.


Questions: Did I pray always this week? How did I pray? For what did I pray? Did I perseveringly watch for God's answers? What was the result?




HEAVENLY Father, Holy One!

May Thy will in us be done:

Make our hearts submissive, meek,

Let us ne'er our own way seek.

Loving Savior, we would be

Ever more and more like Thee,

Free from pride and self-desire,

 Fervent with a holy fire.


Jesus, Master, we would bear In

Thy sufferings a share;

Help us, Lord, to follow Thee,

Heavy though the cross may be.

Fill us with Divinest love,

With Thy spirit from above,

May we patiently endure,

Trusting in Thy promise sure.


Blessed Lord, Thy saints defend,

Watching o'er them to the end;

Day by day their faith increase,

Keep them in Thy perfect peace;

Comfort, strengthen, guide and bless,

Lead them through the wilderness,

And when Thy due time shall come,

Gather all Thy loved ones home.


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