He made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a   servant—Phil. 2: 7.


As no man is able to serve two masters and satisfy both, and do justice to both, their interests conflicting, likewise we cannot please God and serve God and righteousness and at the same time be acceptable to the Adversary and those who are in harmony with him who now rules in this present dispensation, the "prince of this world." All the Lord's consecrated people, those who would lay up treasures in heaven and be rich toward God, must be willing to become of no reputation among those who are not consecrated, and who, whatever their professions, are really serving Mammon, selfishness, the present life, and not sacrificing these interests to the attainment of the Kingdom.


*          *          *


This verse and its preceding and following verses properly translated are among the strongest of the Bible to show that Jesus not only was not Almighty God, but that He gave up His prehuman nature and office to become a man; and therefore, while on earth was not a God-man, but before His begettal of the Spirit was only a perfect, sinless man. The properly translated expression, "He emptied Himself by having taken the form of a servant," means His giving up His prehuman nature and office with their glory; and the expression, "having become in the likeness of men," means His taking human nature. Thus He became exactly in nature and quality an equivalent to Father Adam; and this made it possible for Him to become the Ransom for Adam and his race.


Parallel passages: John 1: 14; 2Cor. 8: 9; Heb. 2: 9-18; Rom. 5: 18, 19; Isa. 42: 1;  52: 13-15; 53: 11; Matt. 20: 27, 28; Luke 22: 27; John 13: 14.


Questions: What effect did Christ's abasing Himself have on me this week? How?





A LIVING Christ, of wondrous birth,

Who trod the dreary paths of earth,

Shedding abroad His holy light

Through the deep gloom of sin's dark night.


A dying Christ, whose precious blood

Seals the poor sinner's peace with God;

And fills the soul with fullest love,

Like to the joy prepared above.


A Christ ascended—all is done,

A world redeemed, a victory won.

With angel hosts, a glorious throng,

We'll sing with joy salvation's song.


A living Christ our spirits need,

A loving Christ our souls to feed;

A dying Christ, our ransom He,

A risen Christ to set us free.


This, too, our need—a Christ within,

A life with God, afar from sin,

A Christ whose love our hearts shall fill,

And quite subdue our wayward will.


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