Having an high priest over the house of God, let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith—Heb. 10: 21, 22.


Let us remember that He who has begun the good work changes never; and  that if our hearts are still in harmony with Him, if our faith is still clear and firm in the great atonement, if our consecration is still full and complete, so that we seek not our own wills but His will to be done in our affairs, then we may indeed have the full assurance of faith, because knowing that God is unchangeable, and knowing that we are still in line with His promises and arrangements, we know that all His gracious providences are still being exercised on our behalf. This is full assurance of faith— full confidence in the Lord.


*          *          *


As children of God, we have Christ as our High Priest. This guarantees that our ignorance and unwilling weaknesses and faults are all covered; and thus we are enabled to remain in the Lord's favor. This made it possible for the Underpriests to draw near to the golden candlestick, seeing its beautiful light; to the table of shewbread, partaking of its strengthening food; to the incense altar, sacrificing with a sweet-smelling savor; and to the second vail, which, passing by death, they entered into the direct presence of God with faithful and pure hearts and full confidence in the Lord and His provisions. Let us draw near.


Parallel passages: Heb. 3: 1, 6; 4: 14, 16; 7: 27; 1Tim. 3: 15; Psa. 51: 6; 1John 3:  21; John 1: 47; Acts 8: 37; Heb. 11: 1-39; Psa. 118: 8, 9; 125: 1; Prov. 3: 5; Isa. 26: 3; 30: 15; Mark 9: 23, 24; Luke 17: 5; Rom. 4: 18-21; 15: 13; Col. 1: 23; Heb. 13: 5, 6; Jas. 1: 6; 1Pet. 1: 5, 7, 9, 21; 1John 5: 4.


Questions: What has this text meant to me this week? What did I do with it? What were the effects?




THE gentle sighing of the wind among the pines,

The joyous singing of the lark at break of day,

The rippling of the water-brooks through cooling shade,

The patter of the softly falling rain at night,

Are sounds less sweet by far than His most precious name.


No art can show a form so gracious and so fair,

No master's hand hath drawn a smile so sweet,

Nor could depict the majesty of that pure brow;

 No canvas ever glowed with such a holy light

As shines from His most radiant image in my heart.


The dearest earthly friend may fail in time of need,

The sweetest and the loveliest grow cold at heart,

The nearest may not heed the throbbing heart's sad cry,

The gayest throng may hold the loneliest solitude,

But Jesus, Jesus never fails my call to hear.


Oh, may the music of Thy name more clearly fall

Upon my ears attuned to catch that sweetest sound!

Oh, may Thine image in my heart so bright become

That I by gazing may be changed into the same;

Oh, blessed Jesus, let Thy presence ne'er depart,

Oh, come and reign forevermore within my heart!


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