I will take heed to my ways, that I sin not with my tongue: I will keep my mouth with a bridle, while the wicked is before me—Psa. 39: 1.


Probably every person of experience will fully agree with the statement that the tongue is potent in its influence beyond any other member of the body, for either good or evil. Experience teaches also that with the vast majority it is easier to control any other organ than the tongue. So skillful a servant is it that every ambition and passion and inclination of the fallen nature seeks to use it as a servant or channel for evil. It requires, therefore, on the part of the Christian, increased vigilance, wisdom and care so as to govern this member of his body and bring it into subjection to the new mind in Christ, that it shall be, not a hindrance to himself or to others, but, on the contrary, a help in our narrow way.


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Those who lack secretiveness are liable to sin with their tongues, uttering things unjust to God, themselves or others. Even those who have a large degree of secretiveness are not wholly free from this wrong. For both classes, especially the former, it is necessary to take heed to their dispositions, thoughts, motives, words, acts, surroundings and the influences operating upon them, in order to say the right thing and to avoid saying the wrong thing. God's people at all times must seek to control their tongues; and especially must they do this when in the presence of the wicked, who will pervert their words with selfish intent and wicked design, as all history proves.


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Questions: What were this week's experiences in line with this text? What were the circumstances? What were the results?




LET every thought thy lips would utter pass three

gates of gold,—

But, if through these it fails to pass, then let it not

be told;

And o'er each gate in silver letters written thou wilt


Above the first one, "Is it true?" the second, "Is it kind?"

 And "Is it necessary?" o'er the third one and the


Then guard thy thoughts, let none escape, save those

these gates have passed!


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