I will show thee my faith by my works—Jas. 2: 18.


While the Lord's people of the present age are not to be judged by their works but by their faith, nevertheless, works will be required. By our works we demonstrate our faith, and, thank God, imperfect works can demonstrate to  Him the loyalty of our intentions, our wills. … If our works demonstrate to the Lord the sincerity of our faith, that faith will be acceptable to Him, and we will be counted perfect and be granted a share in the Kingdom and all the great and precious things which the Lord has in reservation for those who love Him—not merely in word but also in deeds—for those who strive by the deeds of life to show forth, to demonstrate, their love.


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Faith does not consist simply in belief in understandable propositions, though it requires such a belief as a foundation. It must be fully persuaded of the thing believed, make it its own and act upon it. Such a faith is a living power energizing one's thoughts, motives, words and acts. A true faith will, therefore, evidence itself in works; and wherever these are absent, the presence of a real faith may well be questioned. Let us therefore demonstrate that we possess an enlightening, justifying, sanctifying and delivering faith by corresponding works; for in Christ Jesus a faith that works by love is alone availing.


Parallel passages: Matt. 5: 16; 7: 16-18, 20; John 13: 38; 15: 5, 8; Gal. 5: 6; Jas. 1:  27; 2: 17, 19-26; 3: 13; Gen. 22: 9, 12; 15: 6; Rom. 4: 3; Gal. 3: 6; 6: 9, 10; Phil. 2: 12, 13; Titus 3: 14; Heb. 11; 1John 2: 6; Rev. 2: 19.


Questions: Have I this week evidenced by works the genuineness of my faith?    How?

What did they effect?




IT is not the deed we do,

Though the deed be ever so fair,

But the love that the dear Lord looketh for,

Hidden with holy care

In the heart of the deed so fair.


The love is the priceless thing,

The treasure our treasure must hold;

Or ever the Lord will take the gift,

Or tell the worth of the gold

 By the love that cannot be told.


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