Freely ye have received, freely give—Matt. 10: 8.


Let us be on the alert to give to all who are hungering and thirsting for the blessed food which has so greatly refreshed and strengthened us. If they do not get it they will faint by the way as they go looking for other provisions. We have the very thing which all of the household of faith need; without it they cannot maintain their standing, they cannot press on, they shall surely become discouraged. Whatever we may have of financial means for sending forth the bread of life to others, or whatever we may have of knowledge of the Truth, is neither to be selfishly hoarded nor selfishly partaken of by ourselves. It is to be consecrated to the Lord, and out of that consecration the Lord will bring blessings to others and increased blessings upon our own heads and hearts.


*          *          *


A review of God's gifts to us reveals how freely, i.e., how liberally and graciously, He has given us the blessings of creation, providence, redemption, instruction, justification, sanctification and deliverance. These blessings contain everything that we need for life and godliness. Freely indeed have we received. Therefore in the same spirit let us give of our knowledge, affections, time, strength, means, health, life, service, ease, influence, reputation, safety, yes, our little human all, to and for our dear Heavenly Father, the Giver of every good gift and every perfect gift! Nor would these gifts be sufficiently large and good to be worthy the One who has given us our all.


Parallel passages: Acts 8: 18-20; Psa. 34: 10; 68: 18, 35; 84: 11; Eccles. 2: 26; Isa. 42: 5; Ezek. 11: 19; Dan. 2: 21-23; Matt. 11: 28; 25: 14-30; John 6: 27; 16: 23, 24; 17: 22; Rom. 5: 16-19; 8: 32; 12: 6-8; 1Cor. 13: 1-3; 1Pet. 4: 10.


Questions: What return have I made for God's gifts? How? Why? What helped or hindered therein? With what results?




LIFE adorns the Sea of Galilee:

Its bosom teems with fish; its shores are green;

But to the south there lies the Salty Sea,

So desolate: no fish, no life is seen.


And yet from Jordan's waters both receive.

Then why doth one have life; the other death?

'Tis Nature's law, to take and then to give;

For every breath we take we give a breath.


The Dead Sea drinks far more than Galilee,

But has no outlet in its selfishness;

While Galilee bestows its bounties free—

It issues forth its life mankind to bless.


Am I a Dead Sea, or a Galilee?

More blessed 'tis to give than to receive;

If I confine my thoughts to my and me

I'll not bless others, but myself deceive.


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