Consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself, lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds—Heb. 12: 3.


Alas, how many of God's true children become weary and faint in their minds, and are in danger of losing the chief prize because they have failed to think upon, to study out, to comprehend, to consider the Lord and what He faithfully endured of opposition! As they would consider His perfection and how, as represented in Him, the light shone in darkness and was not appreciated, so they would expect that the light shining from them would not be appreciated either. As they would consider how the Lord suffered in every sense unjustly and for righteousness' sake, and then would reflect that their own conduct, even though well-meant, is imperfect, it would strengthen them to endure hardness as good soldiers, and not to be weary in well- doing, and not to faint under opposition.


*           *           *


During His ministry and sufferings, our Lord was opposed by His enemies' words and acts. These contradictions He endured with long—suffering and perseverance. He suffered none of them to sway Him from His steadfast purpose of doing and suffering the Father's will and of attaining the goal. One of the best methods by which we will be enabled to endure successfully similar experiences, which must come to all  God's faithful, is a constant and devout contemplation of our dear Redeemer's conduct amid the contradictions that sinners so abundantly gave Him. This will not only prevent our weakening in and giving up the good fight of faith, but also will strengthen and encourage us therein to an ultimate and glorious victory.


Parallel passages: Matt. 10: 24, 25; John 15: 20-24; Matt. 27: 24-31, 38-44; Luke 4: 28, 29; Phil. 2: 6-8 (ASV); 1Pet. 2: 21-23; 4: 1; Psa. 31: 22; Isa. 35: 3, 4.


Questions: What have been this week's experiences in line with this text? How were they met? In what did they result?




HOW oft we doubt

And fear we shall be overwhelmed in sin,

Because temptation grows so strong without,

Because our courage is so faint within.


And thus we sigh:

Then can it be that I have known the Lord?

Can I be one with Him that sits on high?

 Have I e'er felt the power of His Word?


Is this poor life

Fit prelude for a high eternity?

Alas! Have I not yet begun the strife,

Or must I fail before the victory?


O heart of doubt!

When wilt thou, O thou foolish heart, be wise?

Thou lookest everywhere, within, without,

Forgetting only to lift up thine eyes.


No more despair,

There is no help for thee in things below;

Search not within for hope—it is not there,

But unto Christ do thou for comfort go.


Christ is thy Rock;

Doubt not this firm foundation, true and tried;

Fear not the gathering tempest's angry shock;

It harms not those that on this Rock abide.


Christ is thy Friend,

He knows thy weakness, He will give thee strength;

Trust! In His name is victory; He will end

The conflict for thee; thou shalt win at length.


Christ is thy Peace;

From penalty and stain He sets thee free;

And in the white robe of His righteousness,

Before the approving God presenteth thee.


Christ is thine ALL:

Forget thyself, and in Him sweetly rest;

And thou shalt enter, whatsoe'er befall,

The everlasting mansions of the blest.


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