Scriptures are cited from the King James (Authorized) Version, unless stated otherwise.


Question: The Bible seems to teach both the doctrines of Election and Free Grace. Which one is correct?


Answer: Calvinism promotes the doctrines of predestination, reprobation and election, whereas

Arminianism promotes the doctrine of free grace. Calvinism, stressing God’s attributes of power

and wisdom, teaches that God, out of His pleasure and for His own glory, predestinated

unchangeably a few individuals of mankind’s billions to eternal bliss, and predestinated

unchangeably the rest, the bulk of humanity, to eternal torment. Arminianism, on the other hand,

stressing God’s attributes of love and justice, teaches that God loves all mankind, Christ died for

all mankind and the holy spirit works on behalf of all mankind for salvation.


Both schools of thought quote large numbers of Scriptures in favor of its views and against the

other, yet both views, as commonly taught, contain elements of truth and error. In order to arrive

at the Scriptural Truth on the subject, the errors in each view need to be discarded, the elements

of truth in each view need to be combined and then the elective passages need to be applied as

operating in times prior to the Millennium, and the free grace passages as operating during the



The Scriptures, contrary to Calvinism, teach that predestination, reprobation and election apply

to classes and not to individuals. As an illustration: A government, by legal enactment,

predetermines that there shall be a national army with so many corps, brigades, regiments,

companies, etc., that the officers and privates shall have certain qualities as to age, size, weight,

health, intelligence, etc. It predetermines the exclusion of all who do not possess these

requirements, without at the time selecting or rejecting one individual for that army. The

individuals are then selected afterwards through the application process, the training of cadets

and the examination of recruits or draftees.


God uses the same method: before the world began He predestinated every feature of His plan,

including as one of its features an elect Church as a class, divided into twelve groups, with

certain characteristics fitting it for its intended use, without predetermining one individual of the

class, but at the same time predetermining that none without these qualities should be of this

class (Romans 8: 28, 29) (Ephesians 1: 3-11).


As in our illustration, just as there is a preliminary and contingent call and selection of the

officers and privates, so there is a final selection of these – the cadets by their training and final

examination, and the recruits by their final examinations following their preliminary

examination. The Church’s preliminary call was justification, and its preliminary election was its

consecration and spirit-begetting. Just as cadets and recruits who fail to qualify under final

examination are rejected, so those who fail to be faithful are rejected from the finally elect, even

though they had the preliminary call and election (John 6: 70) (John 17: 12)

(1 Corinthians 9: 24-27).


The purpose for the Bible doctrine of the predestination of the classes and the selection of the

individuals for those classes is to train the Elect to become the qualified deliverers of the non

elect. We do not select officials in our elections so that we may suffer all kinds of evils while

they are blessed, but that they may make such legislative, executive and judicial arrangements as

will bless us and advance our interests. So God, in making His selection of the legislative,

executive and judicial officials of His Millennial Kingdom, is for the purpose of blessing the

non-elect through those officials. All citizens are not selected for legislative, executive and

judicial functions in our government, but only certain persons who are actually or supposedly

qualified. So God does not select all mankind for legislative, executive and judicial functions in

His Millennial Kingdom, but only certain persons who are qualified.


During the Millennium, when God’s free grace is made operative, all those who in this life were

not given an opportunity to be of the Elect, and who therefore died as non-elect, lost under the

Adamic condemnation, will be blessed with a favorable opportunity for obtaining salvation. At

that time we will be able to see the glorious and harmonious display of God’s perfect wisdom,

power, justice and love in the doctrines of predestination, reprobation and election, and in the

doctrine of free grace. May we thank, praise and worship God through Jesus our Savior for such

a glorious plan!





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