Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!

Psa. 133: 1.


Like our Lord, let us seek to be peacemakers, and to dwell together with all the brethren in the unity of the Spirit, in the bonds of peace. Let our activities, our combativeness, etc., be engaged against the great enemy and all the works of sin, including those in our members, our own fallen flesh. We, and all the brethren, will thus find sufficient engagement for every combative element of our nature, in ways well-pleasing to the Lord, and employment for every lovable and helpful quality we possess, in building one another up, and doing good unto all men as we have opportunity, especially to the household of faith.


*          *          *


The brethren here are not the natural but the spiritual brethren, as the next verse proves by showing them to be the antitype of Aaron. The unity here mentioned is the same as that for which our Lord prayed, that they all may be one, as the Father and the Son are one. This unity, of course, is not a personal or essential oneness; but a oneness of faith, hope, love and purpose, for the one Father, under the one Lord and in the one baptism. Good and pleasant is this unity. No earthly relation is comparable to it. May it be ours now in development and to all eternity in blessed realization.


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Questions: Have I experienced the truth of this text this week? How? Why? With what results?




THERE were only two or three of us

Who came to the place of prayer—

Came in the teeth of the driving storm;

But for that we did not care,

Since after our hymns of praise had risen,

And our earnest prayers were said,

The Master Himself was present there,

And He gave us the living bread.


We noted the look in each other's face,

So loving, and glad, and free;

We felt His touch when our heads were bowed,

We heard His "Come to Me!"

Nobody saw Him lift the latch,

And none unbarred the door;

But "Peace" was His token in every heart,

And how could we ask for more?


Each of us felt the relief from sin,

Christ's purchase for one and all;

Each of us dropped his load of care,

And heard the Heavenly call;

And over our spirits a blessed calm

Swept in from the Jasper Sea,

And strength was ours for the toil of life

In the days that were yet to be.


It was only a handful gathered in

To the little place of prayer,

Outside were struggle and strife and sin,

But the Lord Himself was there.

He came to redeem the pledge He gave—

Wherever his loved ones be,

To give His comfort and joy to them,

Though they count but two or three.


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