Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil

Psa. 23: 4.


The Sheep of the Lord's true flock fear no evil, because of the Lord's favor, because He is with them, on their side, and has shown His favor in the redemption price already imputed. He is with them, too, in His Word of promise—His assurance that death shall not mean extinction of life, but merely, until the resurrection, an undisturbed sleep in Jesus. What wonder that these can walk through the valley of the shadow of death singing and making melody in their hearts to the Lord, calling upon their souls with all that is within them to praise and laud and magnify His great and holy name, who loved us and bought us with His precious blood, and has called us to the Kingdom inheritance with our dear Redeemer!


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The condition of the curse is the valley of the shadow of death. Death's shadow goes before it (death), in the sin, error, degradation, sorrow, trouble, pain, sickness, losses, disappointments and dying that darken this valley. From birth to death we pass through this dark vale. The vast majority pass through it in fear and reach its end in despair. God's children have blessings in this valley that enable them to bear its rigors bravely and calmly. Whatever of evil reaches them affects but their humanity; their new heart, mind and will is secure, because God, their Helper, is making all things work together for their good, and is giving them hope of eternal deliverance from all evil in the resurrection. Therefore, while in this valley they fear no evil.


Parallel passages: Job 3: 13; 14: 2, 5, 7-12, 13, 14, 19-21; 17: 13-16; 21: 23-26, 32, 33; 38: 17; Psa. 3: 6; Rom. 5: 12, 14, 17; Hos. 13: 14; 1Cor. 15: 21-23, 26, 41-58; 1Thes.  4: 13-17; Rev. 1: 18; Rom. 14: 8; Phil. 1: 21; Heb. 13: 14; Psa. 27: 1; 56: 4, 11; 118: 6; 44: 19; Rom. 8: 15.


Questions: What were this week's experiences in line with this text? How were they met? With what results?




WHENE'ER the storms come down on thee,

And days of peace all seem to flee,

This thought thy peace again shall bring,

Why should I fear?—the Lord is King.


E'en when the tempest rages high,

 And darkest clouds are drawing nigh,

With hands of faith to this, oh, cling,—

Why should I fear?—the Lord is King.


Amid the stormy waves of life,

Above the tumult and the strife,

The chimes of hope still sweetly ring,—

Be not afraid,—the Lord is king.


Thy ship is toss'd by wind and wave,

But there is One whose power can save;

Across the sea He hastes to bring

Both rest and peace,—the Lord is King.


Yes, Jesus walks upon the sea,

And in the storm He comes to thee;

Then trust in Him, rejoice and sing;

He calms the waves,—the Lord is King.


He stretches out His hand to thee,

And from thy fears He sets thee free;

Beneath the shadow of His wing

He keeps thee safe,—the Lord is King.


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