Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever—Psa. 23: 6.


The goodness and mercy which we anticipate … in the Kingdom has  its beginning here already and is thus to be appreciated. Whoever knows nothing of the joys of the Lord in the present time will evidently not be prepared for the joys of the Lord in the Kingdom, whatever blessings and joys he may attain to under the administration of the Kingdom during the Millennial Age. There is, then, joy and rejoicing, granted to the Lord's faithful ones, not a momentary matter connected with their first acceptance of the Lord and their consecration of themselves to Him. The goodness and mercy of the Lord is not to be looked back to as a thing of the remote past, but it is to be recognized and appreciated as a thing of the present. Day by day God's goodness and mercy follow  us, refresh  us, strengthen  us, bless  us.


*          *          *


God's goodness and mercy bless our new minds and humanity, though goodness here refers more especially, though not exclusively, to our spiritual privileges, while mercy here refers more especially, though not exclusively, to our human privileges. It is our glorious privilege to have these, not for a part only, but for the whole of our journey to the Kingdom. Let us not for a moment doubt the loyalty of the Lord to give us all the grace, mercy and Truth necessary for our entire journey. He will never fail, leave nor forsake us. And after we have proven faithful unto the end, our everlasting portion will be membership in God's family.


Parallel passages: Ex. 15: 13; 20: 6; 33: 19; 34: 6; 2Chron. 5: 13; Neh. 9: 17, 27-31; Psa. 23: 1-5; 33: 5; 73: 1; 103: 1-17; Jas. 1: 17; John 14: 2, 3; Eph. 2: 19-22; 1Pet. 2: 5.


Questions: What have been this week's experiences along the line of this text? How were they met? What did they effect in me?




THOUGH the night be dark and dreary,

Though the way be long and weary,

Morn shall bring thee light and cheer;

Child, look up, the morn is near.


Though thine eyes be sad with weeping,

Through the night thy vigils keeping,

God shall wipe thy tears away,

 Turn thy darkness into day.


Though thy spirit faint with fasting

Through the hours so slowly wasting,

Morn shall bring a glorious feast.

Thou shalt sit an honored guest.


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