The love of Christ constraineth us—2 Cor. 5: 14.


It seems impossible to describe love itself; the best we can do is to describe its conduct. Those who possess a love with such characteristics are able to appreciate it, but not able otherwise to explain it—it is of God, Godlikeness in heart,  in the tongue, in the hands, in the thoughts, supervising all the human attributes and seeking fully to control them. As disciples or pupils of Christ, we are in His school; and the great lesson which He is teaching us day by day, and the lesson which we must learn thoroughly, if we would attain the mark of the prize of our calling in all its various features and ramifications, is the lesson of love. It takes hold upon and relates to all the words and thoughts and doings of our daily lives. As the poet has said:

"As every lovely hue is light—so every grace is love."


*          *          *


By the love of Christ we may understand three things: the love that our Lord Jesus has in His heart; the love that we have in our hearts for Him; and the love that we have in our hearts like that which He has in His heart. The latter two meanings apply in this verse. Our love for Christ animates us to do and suffer. Loving Him we keep His teachings. In even a fuller sense a Christlike love for God, Jesus, the brethren, the world of mankind and our enemies prompts us in our conduct. Beautiful indeed is the heart in which such a love reigns supreme! And rich and choice blessings indeed does it receive and bestow unto God's glory!


Parallel passages: John 14: 15, 21, 23, 28; 15: 9; Rom. 5: 5; 8: 28; 1Cor. 8: 3; Gal.   5: 6, 22; Eph. 3: 17-19; Phil. 1: 9; Col. 3: 14; 2Thes. 3: 5; Heb. 6: 10; 1John 2: 5, 15; 3: 16­

18; 4: 12, 16-21; 5: 1-3; 2 John 6.


Questions: What has the love of Christ constrained me to do this week? How? What were the results?




I HAVE learned a beautiful secret,

I know not how nor where—

But I know it is sweet and precious,

And true, and glad, and fair;

And that God in heaven reveals it

To all that have ears to hear.


And I know that ere I learned it,

My way was weary and hard;

And somewhere in life's music

There was always that which jarred—

A hidden and dreary discord,

That all its sweetness marred.


But my harp of life was lifted

By One who knew the range

Of its many strings—for He made it,

And He struck a keynote strange;

And beneath the touch of the Master

I heard the music change.


No longer it failed and faltered;

No long sobbed and strove;

But it seemed to soar and mingle

With the song of heaven above;

For the pierced hand of the Master

Had struck the keynote—Love.


Thy heart's long-prisoned music

Let the Master's hand set free!

Let Him whisper His beautiful secret

To thee, as He hath to me:

"My Love is the Golden Keynote

Of all My will for thee."


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