Scriptures are cited from the King James (Authorized) Version, unless stated otherwise.


WE have seen that both nature and revelation demonstrate that an intelligent, wise, almighty and

righteous God is the Creator of all things, that He is the supreme and rightful Lord of all, and

that the Bible is the revelation of His character and plans. We have learned that evil now

predominates by God’s permission, but for wise ends. Though darkness covers the earth and

gross darkness the people, God’s light will dispel the darkness in due time, and the whole earth

will be filled with His glory.


We have seen that His great plan has required ages for its accomplishment thus far, and that one

more age is required for its completion. The Age now dawning will be the world’s judgment or

trial, and the purpose of all previous Ages has been to give mankind as favorable an opportunity

as possible, when, as individuals, they will be placed on trial for eternal life.


We have seen that, in due time, God sent His Son to redeem mankind, and though few

recognized the Redeemer, some have believed His promises, and these have been set aside into

two classes, comprising the two phases of His Kingdom, which will bless all the families of the



That judgment will begin when God’s appointed Judge has come in power and great glory. He

shall sit upon the throne of His glory, with all the nations gathered before Him, and shall judge

them by their works. He will open the books of the Scriptures and fill the earth with the

knowledge of the Lord. And by their conduct, He shall decide who will be worthy of everlasting

life in the Ages of glory and joy to follow (Matthew 25: 31) (Revelation 20: 11-13).


We have seen that Messiah’s Second Advent, to set up His Kingdom, is an event in which all

men may have hope, which, when fully understood, will bring joy and gladness to all. And it will

be a glad day when the great adversary is bound, and the world is liberated from the bondage

that they have travailed under for over six thousand years.


Our Personal Responsibility


A knowledge of these things, and the evidences that they are near, should have a powerful

influence upon all, especially upon God’s consecrated children who are seeking a place in God’s

Kingdom. We urge such to lay aside every weight and hindrance, and to run patiently the race in

which they have started. Look away from self and its unavoidable weaknesses and

imperfections, knowing that all such weaknesses are covered by the merit of Christ’s ransom

sacrifice, and that your sacrifices and self-denials are acceptable to God through our Redeemer.

Let us remember that the strength sufficient which God has promised us is provided in His

Word. It is a strength that is derived from a knowledge of His character and plans, and of the

conditions upon which we may share in them.


But to obtain this knowledge and strength will require the faithful carrying out of your

consecration vows. You have consecrated all your time and talents to the Lord. Now the question

is, Are you still willing to give up all? If not, you will begrudge the time and effort needful to

search His Word, to thus obtain the strength needful for all the trials of faith.


Yet more is necessary. You must also develop such a love for God and His plan, and such a

desire to preach the good tidings of the Gospel, that it will become the all-absorbing theme of

life thereafter. And this will separate you from the world and from many Christians. You will be

despised and counted a fool for Christ’s sake, because they know us not, even as they knew not

the Lord (2 Corinthians 4: 8-10) (Luke 6: 22) (1 John 3: 1) (1 Corinthians 3: 18).


May we be like the noble Bereans (Acts 17: 11), who studied diligently to prove those things

which they heard by the only correct and divinely authorized standard – God’s Word.


God has now revealed His glorious and harmonious plan, one that harmonizes every part and

item of His Word. Truth, when due, becomes meat for the household of faith, that they may grow

thereby (Matthew 24: 45). Whoever comes in contact with truth has a responsibility to it. It must

either be received and acted upon, or rejected, ignored and despised. If we accept it, we have a

responsibility TOWARD IT, because it is for ALL the household of faith. And, if a faithful

steward, we must dispense it to the other members of the family of God. Let your light shine!

Lift up the light! Lift up a standard for the people!


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