Scriptures are cited from the King James (Authorized) Version, unless stated otherwise.


LET us for a moment set aside the Bible, and view things from the standpoint of reason. Who

can look into the sky at night, see the immensity of creation – its symmetry, beauty, order,

harmony and diversity – and doubt that the Creator of these is vastly our superior in both

wisdom and power? Can anyone conclude that such order came by chance? The Bible refers to

such a one as a fool (one who ignores or lacks reason). “The fool hath said in his heart, There is

no God” (Psalm 14: 1).


Science states that effects must be produced by causes. Every plant and flower testifies to this

principle. Intricate in construction, exquisitely beautiful in form and texture, they speak of a

wisdom and skill above the human. How shortsighted to boast of human skill and ingenuity, and

then to attribute the regularity, uniformity and harmony of nature to mere chance,

acknowledging the laws of nature, but denying an intelligent Lawgiver.


Some claim that all forms of animal and plant life developed without intelligent direction, but

were governed by “the law of the survival of the fittest” in a process of evolution. But this theory

lacks proof, for all around us we see that the various creatures are of fixed natures which do not

evolve to higher natures. Advocates of evolution have never blended different species, nor

produced a new fixed variety. On the contrary, investigations prove that though different

varieties of the same species may be produced, it is impossible to blend the various species, or

for one to evolve from another. For example: The donkey and the horse resemble one another,

yet are not related, for their offspring, the mule, cannot propagate either species. Were

unintelligent nature the creator, there would be no fixed species, and we would observe fish

becoming birds and monkeys becoming men.


A Reasonable Theory


One theory (excluding man) does not seem to contradict the Bible or reason. It is: The various

species at present are fixed and unchangeable as to nature or kind, though they may be

developed further, even to perfection. Accordingly, none of these fixed species were originally

created as such, but were developed from the earth by a gradual process of evolution from one

form to another. This process continued until the species became fixed, as at present, any further

change from other families or kinds being impossible.


Some claim that the original plants and animals from which the present fixed varieties came

became extinct before the creation of man. Skeletons and fossils of animals and plants which do

not now exist have been found deep below the earth’s surface, favoring this theory. This view

neither ignores nor rejects the Bible teaching that man was a direct and perfect creation, made in

the mental and moral image of his Maker, and not by a process of evolution, probably common

to the rest of creation.


Proof of an Intelligent Creator is all around us and within us. Every power of mind and body

reveals a marvelous skill beyond our comprehension. He is also the Designer and Creator of

nature. He ordered and established its laws with all its beauty and harmony. His wisdom planned

and His power upholds and guides the universe.


God’s Great Attributes: Wisdom, Power, Justice and Love


One might dread such a mighty God until we recognize that His benevolence and goodness

equal His power. His attributes of character are immeasurably greater than that of His grandest

creation. So can we not expect Him to exercise His great attributes? God’s power is exercised,

but always in harmony with His wisdom, justice and love. We see this in the countless worlds

about us and in the wonderful variety of earth? And especially in the creation of man, who is

endowed with reason and judgment, capable of appreciating his Creator’s works.


Would not such a wise and good being supply the wants of that creature’s nature by giving him

some revelation concerning the object of his creation and His plans for his future? Had Divine

Wisdom determined that such knowledge was not good for man, Divine Justice and Love would

have limited his capacities, so that man would not to be continually tormented and perplexed

with doubts, fears and ignorance. But man does have a capacity for appreciating a Divine

revelation of God’s plan, so he may expect such a revelation of God’s will and plan concerning

our race, in such a time and manner as God’s wisdom approves.


Our next study will examine the general character of the Bible which claims to be such a

revelation. If it is of God, its teachings, when fully appreciated, will accord with His character,

which reason assures us is perfect in wisdom, justice, love and power.


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